Unleashing the Power of Fandom

We inspire. We connect.

We share thoughts with others around the world.

Our love breaks down barriers and fuels new interests.

Our passion leads us to the next paradigm.


Share your heart - it will only get bigger.

At bemyfriends, we’ve tasted the power of global fandom, and experienced the business potential beyond K-Pop.

We offer a  completely new way of building a personal relationship with your customers, nurturing them into true, devoted fans.

Our  full-scale infrastructure is an end-to-end solution from content sharing to merchandising and business intelligence, all available at your fingertips.

We make it easy to access our ecosystem partners
for your convenience and support.

Stay true to your passion, we will take care of the rest.

About b.stage

The cutting-edge software revolution is now available for your business,
merging all of your marketing channels into one central access point for seamless customer communications and complete intelligent data.

Fully developed in-house by bemyfriends fandom expert senior engineers, this platform is made for you and built for you. It is solely yours.


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Our Culture

We are #bfriends.
While our unique corporate culture is driven by seasoned professionals with different backgrounds, we only speak one language: fandom.

We  operate at the highest standards for our colleagues and customers which is reflected in the products and services we provide.