Global Fandom Service b.stage is the New Platform for NFT Technology

b.stage, the global fandom platform service for creators, announces today the introduction of NFT technology for new value creation to be launched with the global service in 2022. This launch enables fans to showcase, exchange, and sell NFTs on a creator’s b.stage platform.

b.stage enables creators to build their own platform providing digital rewards solutions for fans to purchase and exchange. Fans will now be able to share their experience through the “NFT digital showroom,” make a deal or exchange by connecting to their Wallet, or gain authority over certain services within the creator’s platform.

“NFT is the core technology for the creator economy,” says Aaron Bae, CEO of bemyfriends. “It will help increase value in creator content as well as add a new unique offering to the service. The availability of NFT technology within the platform will strengthen the relationship between fans and creators by creating a new avenue for fans to celebrate and connect with their icons.”