We are #bfriends

Our #bfriends are the frontiers and innovators in fandom business. As we make the world a better place with joy and happiness in sharing and inspiring one another, so do we for our work space. We love our business like you love your fandom. As a team, here’s our culture commitment

For Customers - "From bemyfriends Customers to Enthusiastic Fans”

Provide Irreplaceable Product with Competitive Services

We engineer the best irreplaceable product. The essence of our business is based on clients discovering the meaningful value in using our product. We seek and provide solutions before the client even knows they need it.

Pursue Integrity

We pursue the highest ethical standards in all work we do. Transparency and ethics are the most important values in working with our colleagues, clients and partners.

For Colleagues - "We are the Best Colleagues who Trust each other and communicate Transparently"

Be Professional

We learn and grow every day as professionals. At bemyfriends, we value our colleagues as trusted market experts.

Keep Camaraderie

Every colleague is a partner. We show respect and carefully listen at all times, even when disagreeing. We share pleasure and support when needed with our partners. We are a team.

Communicate with Candor

We honor and encourage open and honest communications. We keep candor communication with complete respect.

For Company - "We maintain a Healthy Organization that focuses on the Impact,  builds Consensus, and always up for a Challenge"

Focus on Impact

We dedicate ourselves to our core business. We act fast when the value matches our business, but also boldly take quick action if otherwise.

Give Context

We give full context when we request work orders or ask for collaboration. This is important to build consensus heading toward the common goal together.

Take on Challenge, Learn if you fail

What was wrong yesterday could be correct today. We challenge ourselves to change, adopt, and go beyond our comfort zone. Our integrity and courage help us  make immediate corrections when things go off track. We admit and learn from our failures.