Global Fandom Platform Service 

A unique solution for you to own and build a direct relationship with fans and customers and create sustainable values at any scale

Build your own platform to foster a direct relationship with fans

b.stage is a solution that combines the power of commerce with a platform to interact with your core audience.  As a completely customizable software solution, b.stage makes it easy to build, manage, and sustain while delivering an unparalleled user experience for your fans.


This platform is an exciting new way to accomplish your fandom dreams; from sharing exclusive content to offering goods and services as well chatting 1:1 with your fans.


The partnership ecosystem offers support from experts that will help you create, grow, and run your complete business. 


Watch your fandom flourish.

Reach fans, everywhere

From loyalty programs to surprise pre-sales, b.stage allows you the freedom to create an experience for your fans like none other while making profits you only dreamed of.


Your items for purchase know no bounds as b.stage enables you to have your goods shipped anywhere in the world.


Not an e-commerce expert? No problem. b.stage has an in-house digital service and sales support team to help you every step of the way.

Get to know your fans like never before

.Create a space for you and your most devoted fans to interact.


Your fans will be rewarded with opportunities for meaningful touchpoints, select prizes and more ways to interact with you and your brand.


The data dashboard will give you access to insightful information including how your fans use your platform and purchasing insights to continue to help you make the best business decisions for your ultimate fandom.  

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